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Going to a hearing test? Bring a companion

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The question we ask is who will be coming with you?

If you call us to arrange an appointment we will ask you who will be coming with you? Some people are a bit surprised by that, they haven’t thought about bringing anyone.

Who should accompany you?

The term we use is a significant other, that may your partner, one of your children, even a close friend. The key is that they are someone who spends time with you.

Why is a one other important?

A balanced view

There are several reason why somebody accompanying you to a hearing test is important. Firstly, hearing loss affects more than just you, it is very helpful for us to get the perspective of someone who knows you well. Often, your companion will be more aware of what you are actually missing. We always find that a companion will give us a balanced view.

A familiar voice

Having a familiar voice available also allows us to assess how well you might do with hearing aids. You know the voice, you have been listening to it for some time, the difference hearing aids might make should be immediately evident to you.

A lot of information

During your appointment, there is a lot of information given to you. Having a companion with you means they can take notes and ask questions you might not have thought of.  Two heads as the saying goes, are better than one.

So with that in mind, if we ask who is coming with you, don’t be surprised.

If you have any questions about the hearing test, hearing aids or any other hearing care, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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