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We have had some great success with this fantastic lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid

Oticon is one of the leading hearing aid brands we offer in Worcester and we have had a lot of success with them. Before the launch of the Opn, we didn’t actually think that much of Oticon hearing aids. However, the original Opn was a real game-changer in the hearing aid world. It launched a whole new strategy for dealing with sound inputs in noisy situations. A strategy that has been described as almost natural. The Opn was hugely successful for them and we were pleased with the devices.

New Rechargeable Hearing Devices

The one thing that was missing from the original Opn range was a rechargeable lithium-ion device. However, Oticon fixed that with the introduction of the Opn S range. The Opn S range is Oticon’s latest range of hearing aids. It is basically an upgrade on the Opn as opposed to something dramatically new. The range offers three Receiver In Canal hearing aid types, one of which is a rechargeable device and a power Behind The Ear hearing aid model.

Great Success

The Opn S range has been a great success for us in Worcester, but the Opn S miniRITE-R which is the new lithium-ion powered slimline rechargeable hearing aid has really stood out.  The device is pretty discreet, can fit hearing losses down to sever and it has a telecoil. Like the Opn before it, the Opn S is a Made For iPhone hearing and the battery pack offers 16 hours of use with five hours of audio streaming from Apple devices.

Oticon has been really intelligent with the design of the hearing aid, the lithium-ion battery pack is easily replaceable in the clinic. That is an excellent feature, it means that when the battery is coming to the end of its life, it can be simply replaced in the clinic.

Our Customers Love It

Our customers love the devices, it is a combination of the outstanding hearing ability delivered combined with outstanding convenience. The Opn S really is a very good hearing aid, in particular, in noisy situations. It offers a very natural experience that gives you a good awareness of the voices around you while ensuring that you can hear the voice that is important to you.

They love the experience it delivers while they move through their day. It provides effortless hearing in nearly every situation. It also means that they don’t have to worry about hearing aid batteries. They don’t have to worry about buying them or changing them.

Rechargeable hearing aids offer convenience and ease of use combined with modern features to help you hear better. That is why our customers truly love them.

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