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Your guide to hearing aids

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We know that when you are choosing hearing aids that you are making an important long term decision. It is a major investment that you would like to get right. There are many technical details and a lot of technical language around hearing aids. For the uninitiated it can be difficult to penetrate, we do our best to explain the details in the clearest possible language avoiding as much as possible the techno jargon.

We thought it would be a good idea to make an easy reference hearing aid guide for our customers and for others looking for information. So today we are launching the Worcester Hearing Centre Hearing Aid Guide. it will detail:

  • The different types of hearing aids
  • The different technology levels of hearing aids
  • The different hearing aid features

We hope you find it useful, it is a free download, so just click on the image below and a pdf will open in a new window. You can save it from there and use it on any device. Feel free to share it around if you wish.

The Hearing Aid Guide

Hearing Aid Guide

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