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2 years completed….. and looking forward to many more

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It has been two years since the Worcester Hearing Centre first opened its doors in the Cornmarket in Worcester. In excess of 500 hundred people have visited the centre for a variety of reasons; from assistance with their hearing problems to getting custom made hearing protection, or wax removed from their ears.

The hearing centre prides itself on the fact that they offer the latest technology in hearing systems. There are instruments today that sit deeply in the ear canal that cannot be seen, as well as instruments that have a high level of technology for those people who have a demanding listening lifestyle. In addition to this there is technology now available that can help the tinnitus sufferer cope better this often debilitating condition. Victoria Dixon, senior audiologist at the centre, said “over the last two years people have consulted us over a wide range of hearing needs and we are really pleased that we can undoubtedly help them to hear much better, using the latest technology that we have available from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing systems”. The hearing centre has had a variety of open days throughout this year, taking the opportunity to introduce new technology as soon as it’s announced, keeping the people of Worcester up to date with what is going on in the world of hearing assistance.

Not only does the centre focus on Hearing systems, it also has a hearing protection specialist, Tom Dixon, the centre manager, who specializes in noise protection of all types. He frequently tell is clients stories from his experience in the musical world and about hearing protection for musicians. In addition to this he is often asked to solve the never ending problem of ‘snoring’, whist Tom says, ‘stopping snoring is not in his area of expertise, he can make very good sleep plugs for the person who is kept awake by their partner snoring, thus ensuring the person most effected by someone snoring can get a good night’s sleep’.

Over the last two years, Victoria and Tom, have seen many people who have visited the centre for advice about all aspects of their hearing, and they pride themselves on being able to change people’s lives by helping them hear better. Loss of hearing often makes people insular and reticent to go out and mix with other, this in itself brings complications and often causes depression and loss of confidence. By solving the hearing problems, their clients can claim back their lives, mix with their friends again and be sure they can hear what’s being said, without fear of embarrassment because they can hear clearly and they don’t mix up words any more.

The Worcester Hearing Centre offers free hearing tests for anyone worried about how well they are hearing, as well as free assessments for those who need any type noise protection. From hearing assistance to help with tinnitus, protection from the snoring of a loved one to protection from the effects of loud music, they have ‘a solution for your ears’.

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