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What are Invisible hearing aids?

Invisible hearing aids are deep fitting, custom-made hearing devices that sit within the ear or within the ear canal.

This means they will not be visible, meaning nobody will know you are wearing hearing aids. The positioning of them is also believed to be optimal for sound quality, as it allows the outer ear and ear canal to do its job and funnel sound naturally towards the eardrum.



Keep the focus on you, not your hearing impairment.


Great sound quality

They funnel sound naturally towards the eardrum.

Long wearing


You can wear the Lyric hearing aid for months at a time.



Can be custom-made to your ear for comfort and stability.

Subtle appearance with effective sound quality

Improve your hearing discreetly


As the hearing aids sit within the ear or ear canal, they are extremely hidden. At the same time, they minimise the feeling of your ears being blocked and allow you to focus on conversations, even in disruptive background noise.

Use your devices with ease


Use your devices, such as telephone or headphones, with little to no feedback. Many Invisible hearing aids also have sophisticated technology such as Bluetooth, to stream your audio directly to your hearing aids.

Secure fit for an active lifestyle


Our Invisible hearing aids can be custom-made to your ear shape, size and structure. This helps keep them secure to suit an active lifestyle and with no external wires or tubes, they're also extremely comfortable.

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Lyric by Phonak

  • 100% Invisible
    The unique placement in the ear canal allows it to stay completely hidden.
  • Designed to be worn 24/7
    Wear it for months at a time and for all your daily activities, including showering, exercising and sleeping.
  • No battery changes, no hassle, no fuss.
    Live life without constraints with no daily insertion, removals, battery changes or maintenance.
  • 30 day trial period
    Experience all the benefits that Lyric has to offer and decide if it is for you, with no obligation to continue.

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Other Invisible hearing aids we offer

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We offer a Premium Care plan

Our bespoke patient care plans are tailored to your needs and include the most suitable technology for you.

Platinum Premium Care Plan

Premium hearing aid technology range with a 5 year care package.

Gold Premium Care Plan

Advanced hearing aid technology range with a 5 year care package.

Silver Premium Care Plan

Standard hearing aid technology range with a 3 year care package.

Bronze Premium Care Plan

Essential hearing aid technology range with a 2 year care package.

How much are hearing aids?

Don’t let concerns about cost hold you back from getting the help you need. Our premium care plan includes all the services you need to benefit from your hearing aids – that would cost up to £510 per year with other providers.

With our premium care plan, they’re all included in one bundle.

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Invisible FAQs

  • What are invisible hearing aids?

    Invisible hearing devices are deep fitting custom made hearing devices that sit deep within the ear canal. They are called by different names by the different hearing aid manufacturers, nano, IIC invisible in the canal or just plain invisible hearing aids. Although this part of the market is small, while you might expect everyone to want one, not everyone is suitable.

  • Are invisible hearing aids suitable for everyone?

    The short answer is no, not at this time, while your hearing loss obviously needs to be taken into account, the major stumbling block to suitability is normally the size and shape of your ear canal. If your ear canal is either too small, too narrow or too awkward, you won’t be suitable for these devices, It is as simple as that. Even with advancements in technology, that will probably remain the case for many years to come.

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Personal Dedicated Augiologist

One of our friendly team will be your dedicated audiologist right from your first visit, giving you a friendly face who knows your treatment journey inside out.

Extensive after care

As great as our hearing aids are, we take pride in providing multiple aftercare appointments to ensure you are getting the best solution.

Real world fitting

We don’t just fit your hearing aids in our quiet office, we take you outside into the real world to demonstrate how good they sound.

Real ear measurement

To ensure you are getting the optimum level of amplification, a special microphone analyses the sounds produced by the hearing aids in your ear canal.

100s of 5 star reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Read some of the experiences of people who have already used us in our reviews on google & our website.

Meet our Audiologists

Our expert team has a combination of over 35 years experience with great attention to detail and personal care.

Not sure where to begin?

Try our new hearing helper

If you are not sure where to begin with solving your hearing problems we have put together a few questions to help us tailor our support to your needs and guide you to the right place for information that might help.

Do you suffer from hearing loss?

Do you think your issue could be related to a build-up of ear wax?

From the information you have given, you may need Ear Wax removal treatment. An audiologist can asses your situation at your appointment and perform the treatment required. If no wax is present the audiologist will advise you accordingly.

Do the people around you seem to mumble and not speak clearly?

Do you tend to go out less because it is hard for you to follow other people's conversations?

Has anyone ever told you that they often have to repeat things to you?

Is it difficult for you to follow other people's conversations in noisy environments, for example, in restaurants?

Do you find yourself having to turn up the television or radio to hear speech better?

Based on your answers so far, it looks like you might be experiencing hearing loss

Do you currently wear hearing aids?

In order to provide you with the bespoke care we offer to all of our customers, we need to know where you are in your journey to better hearing.

Choose the option that best describes your concern with your hearing

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