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How much are hearing aids?

We understand that private hearing care can be considered expensive, but the on-going service required to keep your ears maintained and devices programmed efficiently can’t always be appreciated until it is required.

Our bespoke patient care plans are tailored to your needs and include the most suitable technology for you.

  • Total peace of mind

  • All the services you need

  • Save up to £510 per year

Delivering you everything you need to benefit from your hearing aids, that would likely cost up to £510 per year if you purchased hearing aids from other providers.

Having struggled with NHS hearing aids for a few years […] with very little after care by unknown people, it was with trepidation that I called the centre. From the very first telephone call, through the consultation, to the fitting of my hearing aids and the follow up reviews I am treated with respect in a very warm, welcoming way by a team of very professional people

What is included in the Premium Care Plan?

  • Initial Assessment

    Includes full diagnostic hearing evaluation, video otoscopy, tympanometry, Puretone audiometry, speech in noise testing

  • Hearing aids

    The very latest technology from the world’s best hearing aid manufacturers (Phonak, Widex, Oticon, GN Resound, Siemens, Signia, Unitron, Starkey)

  • 3D Ear Scan

    We use a 3 dimensional ear scanner to capture the most detailed scan of the inside of your ear canal, essential for accurate hearing aid fittings

  • Best practice fitting protocol

    Includes Real Ear Measurement verification, insitu audiometry, real world experience, live speech in noise testing

  • Full rehabilitation protocol

    In-depth follow up rehabilitation and counselling protocol (Consisting of 3 appointments)

  • Full review protocol

    Every 6 months, includes clean & check and insitu audiometry

  • Full 12/18 month reassessment: Complete testing and refitting protocol

    Includes video otoscopy, tympanometry, Puretone audiometry, Live speech in noise testing and Real Ear Measurement verification

  • Drop-in repair / Clean & check

    Service while you wait, simply drop in

  • Ear wax removal

    Microsuction, endoscopic, irrigation or instrumentation ear wax removal. Two appointments a year included in care plan.

  • Hearing Aid Warranty

    An extra bit of peace of mind

  • Hearing aid loan service

    If you need a loan of a hearing aid, we can provide it

  • Remote support*

    We are able to fine tune and make adjustments to the settings of your hearing aids from the comfort of your own home via an online live video link to your audiologist in clinic. Ideal for those customers who travel a distance to see us.

*Requires supporting hearing technology

Choose the right plan for you:

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Includes: From £1,997.50
From £3,995
From £1,747.50
From £3,495
From £1,397.50
From £2,795
From £1,097.50
From £2,195
Hearing aid technology range Premium Advanced Standard Essential
Premium care plan 5 Years 5 Years 3 Years 2 Years
Warranty cover 5 Years 4 Years 3 Years 2 Years
Lifetime clean & check
Ear wax removal included
Battery supply 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Remote audiologist support
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* 10% additional charge for custom made in the ear devices


Please note that the price list below is for customers who have not bought a hearing aid package from ourselves or are out of their contract terms.

Our services price list

  • Initial Consultation

    £95 Promotional offer £45

    Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation. Includes Pure Tone Audiometry, Middle Ear Anatomy Test and Speech Discrimination in Background Noise Assessment.

  • Tinnitus Assessment


  • External Hearing Aid Assessment and Retune


    for clients with aids purchased from other providers who are not on our care plan.

  • Hearing Aid Major Repair


    Includes Diagnostic, Repair and Service Overhaul.

  • Hearing Aid Minor Repair


    Speaker/Receiver. For non Worcester & Stratford Hearing Centres clients.

  • Ear Wax Removal

    £80 per appointment

    Micro-suction, Endoscopic and Irrigation earwax removal. If a second, or follow up appointment is required, this will be charged at a reduced rate of £40.

  • ENT / GP Referrals

    £90 – £135

Not sure where to begin?

Try our new hearing helper

If you are not sure where to begin with solving your hearing problems we have put together a few questions to help us tailor our support to your needs and guide you to the right place for information that might help.

Do you suffer from hearing loss?

Do you think your issue could be related to a build-up of ear wax?

From the information you have given, you may need Ear Wax removal treatment. An audiologist can asses your situation at your appointment and perform the treatment required. If no wax is present the audiologist will advise you accordingly.

Do the people around you seem to mumble and not speak clearly?

Do you tend to go out less because it is hard for you to follow other people's conversations?

Has anyone ever told you that they often have to repeat things to you?

Is it difficult for you to follow other people's conversations in noisy environments, for example, in restaurants?

Do you find yourself having to turn up the television or radio to hear speech better?

Based on your answers so far, it looks like you might be experiencing hearing loss

Do you currently wear hearing aids?

In order to provide you with the bespoke care we offer to all of our customers, we need to know where you are in your journey to better hearing.

Choose the option that best describes your concern with your hearing

Based on your answers, we will be able to help you on your journey to better hearing

Fill out the details below and we'll be in touch to arrange your appointment.

Thank you, we aim to contact you on the same day as your enquiry

Until we speak with you, from the information you have provided, the following pages may help:

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