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Fitting the Lyric invisible hearing aid in Worcester

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7th Apr 2015

Fitting The Invisible Hearing Aid

Fitting the Lyric Hearing aid

We have been fitting the Lyric hearing aid for some time now in Worcester. We have had really fantastic results and many happy customers. The Lyric is a different type of hearing aid, in fact, it is the only one of its type. It is placed by us, exceptionally close to your eardrum. The Lyric is a completely invisible solution because of its deep placement in the canal.

Truly Invisible Hearing Aids

It is also the only long wear 24/7 hearing aid device on the market. It is worn for up to three months, no battery changes, daily extraction or insertion, simply hassle free hearing. Because of this placement it is exceptionally important that a trained professional both places and extracts the device. Actually placing the device does not take long and there is little or no discomfort.

Although Lyric® is an exciting and unique hearing solution, like all hearing aids, it is not the right solution for everyone with hearing loss.

The Lyric is only appropriate for people with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss. Its use is also constrained by ear size and shape. There are also some medical contra indications to the use of the device. During the consultation we will assess your hearing problems, your ear size and shape, and your medical conditions to evaluate if Lyric is right for you. The very first step is to have a hearing test.

The Hearing Test

The first step if for us to do a thorough hearing test to identify your hearing loss and lifestyle needs. Our test is comprehensive and will involve a diagnostic test of all of the functions of your hearing system. The test involves procedures such as:

  • Pure Tone Testing
  • Speech Testing
  • Tympanometry
  • Acoustic Reflex Testing

These tests allow us a full appreciation of your hearing loss and its underlying cause. The tests will also allow us to judge if you are a viable candidate for the Lyric hearing aid. We will then move onto assess your ear canal and shape for seating of the Lyric hearing aid

Lyric Hearing Aid Assessment

We will inspect your ear canal using a special microscope, this is to see if your canal shape and health is okay for the Lyric. The Lyric will be in your ear canal for months at a time so we need to be confident in the health of your ear canal. If we are happy that you are suitable, we will then size your canal.

Sizing For Lyric

Using a special forceps and depth sizing tool we will measure the length of your canal. Once the length is measured and you are found suitable we then use different sizing tools to find the right size Lyric hearing aid for you. This is a simple exercise, we place the sizing tool into your canal and then we carefully inspect the canal with the microscope to assess the fit. Having found the right size we will then move on to the actual fitting.

Fitting The Lyric

Having found the right size for you, we program the Lyric via our system and then place it in your ear canal. We will quickly find the right position and this part of the procedure is over in moments.It is very much a new experience for people, most of our Patients adjust to the feel of the Lyric quickly. However, some people do need to come back so we can adjust the position of the device.

Initially what we do is to ask you to walk around town for a while, this gives you some time to experience the sound and the fit of the Lyric. You will then come back to the shop and we will undertake any adjustments in sound quality or positioning for you then and there.


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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Director of Audiology

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