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Hearing Aid Accessories For The Starkey Wireless Hearing Aid Ranges

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7th Apr 2014

Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories

Wireless Accessories For Hearing Aids Deliver A Better Experience For You

At Worcester Hearing Centre we are constantly astounded and fascinated by the advances in hearing aids. Forgive us a moment but we are a bit nerdish and can get quite excited about the technology that delivers better hearing. We want to talk about a hearing aid technology that we think you should get a little excited about as well if you suffer from hearing loss, Wireless hearing aids and their accessories. Let’s find out more.

Hearing aids have evolved immensely in the last few years and they are no longer the stand alone devices they once were. Wireless accessories are now available for almost all hearing aids. The really do offer the opportunity for you to connect to your world with ease. We think that these devices can deliver real benefits for you, so we decided to talk about them. In this first article, we will have a look at the range of wireless accessories from Starkey.

SurfLink Accessories

SurfLink is the name of the range of wireless accessories available for Starkey hearing aids. The Bluetooth hearing aids can stream phone calls, audio from the TV and music directly to your hearing aids. They are really good devices with excellent audio quality. So let’s take a look at what they can do device by device.

SurfLink Mobile 2

The Starkey SurfLink

This device is a connection to your mobile phone amongst other things, it is small enough to fit easily in a pocket or purse. It uses their patented system JustTalk™ to stream phone calls from a connected mobile phone directly to your hearing aids.

SurfLink Mobile uses your the microphone and receivers of your hearing aid’s to effortlessly pick up and send voices both ways. It can be used for any calls made on a smart phone including ones from apps like FaceTime®, Skype™, Viber and other telephone services on your smart phone

They have also included functionality that can help you in noisy environments, meetings or group settings. In these situations you can use it in the same way you would a remote microphone:

  • The directional microphone capability on the device enhances and helps to focus on speech in a one-on-one conversation in loud or noisy situations.
  • The omnidirectional capability allows better hearing in meeting or group settings where it is necessary to hear and understand more than one voice.

This handy feature really expands the functionality of the device and alone it makes the device a worthwhile purchase. But we aren’t finished yet, roll the drums please! The device also allows you to stream sound from any Bluetooth®-enabled TV or MP3 player. In fact from any audio device that offers a Bluetooth connection.

This combination of features really make this a fantastic device to choose to help you connect with your wider world. The device is exceptionally useful for active people, but even if you aren’t the most active, it is still worth considering. It is ideal for people who need to use phone calls for work, spend time in group settings and want greater flexibility while communicating. But having said that, what hearing aid user would not like to be able to talk to their loved ones on a mobile phone? So if you like easy phone calls, easy conversation in groups and even music direct to your hearing aids, this device is most definitely for you.  

SurfLink Media

Starkey SurfLink Media

Like the SurfLink mobile, the SurfLink Media shows that the Starkey designers have sat down and really thought about the functionality that matters and ease of use. The SurfLink Media accessory allows multiple Starkey hearing aid users to wirelessly connect their hearing aids to a TV or media device.

Not many of the other manufacturers offer a device that can be used by multiple users. Connecting to the device is simplicity itself and it allows you to listen at the volume level you want, without bothering others in the room .

The device allows you to watch the TV or listen to your music by streaming sound directly from those devices direct to your hearing aids. You can adjust the volume through your hearing aids and you can even mute the ambient volume on the connected TV or radio while listening through your hearing aids..

The best part about this accessory is its ease of use, you simply set it up and everything else is completely automatic. You set it up, and it just works, effortlessly, it is asa simple as that. Once the device is all you need to do is walk into its field of transmission. You will automatically hear the streamed audio from whatever source you have connected. If you had multiple units set up in different rooms you would automatically change over to the audio being streamed from each device as you went from room to room. Its seamless, automatic and easy.

This accessory is perfect for Starkey hearing aid users who enjoy TV and music, but who have difficulty enjoying or understanding either, without turning up the volume. It is ideal for a household with two or more Starkey hearing aid users, because both can use the one device. Really smart thinking on the designer’s part.

SurfLink Remote

Starkey SurfLink Remote

A remote is probably the most widely used type of accessory for many hearing aid users regardless of the manufacturer. The SurfLink Remote allows users of Starkey hearing aids to quickly and remotely change the volume, program memory, and other hearing aid features without having to touch the hearing aid itself.

It’s a simple, convenient and inconspicuous way for you to control your hearing aids. It also allows you to control them independently or together. This is a great accessory for any hearing aid user who may have poor manual dexterity, or vision issues. It also allows you full control of your hearing aids with ease.

Wireless accessories can be a game changer for people with hearing aids. They can really extend the power of your hearing aids and allow you to take full advantage of your hearing aid benefit in an integrated manner. Wireless accessories can really open up your world delivering easy communication over mobile phones and comfortable listening to TV and Music.

If you have any questions about any hearing aids and their wireless accessories in Worcester, give us a call on 01905 617 803 or book your appointment online now.

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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Director of Audiology

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