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Industrial Hearing Screening Services

If your staff are exposed to noisy work environments, you are required by law to ensure their hearing is monitored

Industrial Hearing Screening in Worcester

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On-Site Hearing Screening For Industry

At Worcester Hearing Centre, we have a team of expert audiologists who can carry out hearing assessments on site, in our mobile hearing clinic or in a suitable room in your premises. All testing is done to BSA procedure for industrial audiometry (November 2012) within the confines of The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (HSE). If you employ staff within a noisy working environment, you will understand the importance of hearing checks and noise protection. Not just a good idea, it is also a legal requirement under Regulation 5 of the Management of health and Safety at work Regulations 1992 (MHSW Regs). At Worcester Hearing Centre we provide a range of noise related services to help you achieve a safer noise environment within your workplace.

On-site hearing screening for Employees

All screening reports are detailed and any cases which present a problem will be highlighted. The puretone audiogram is also accompanied with a case history questionnaire, a visual inspection of the ear and a report on each case.

Testing is done within normal working hours and with minimal disruption to working schedules. Contact us now on 01905 617803 to speak to one of our advisers for further advise on your companies requirements.

Noise Protection in the Workplace, PPE Management

Worcester Hearing Centre also complement this service with bespoke hearing protection for large scale workforces. Our qualified Audiologists can take impressions for custom made filtered hearing protection, which allow speech through but will filter out harmful levels of noise. All our custom made hearing protection comes with EN 352-2 certification which complies with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (HSE). Durable materials and robust design combine to deliver protection for as little as 5p per day. Compared with traditional foam earplugs, our filtered plugs can offer 70% cost reduction with just a 12-14 month payback period.

Worcester Hearing Centre  can manage the use and provision of hearing protection so that “reasonable care” can be legally demonstrated from the initial assessment.  We can advise on such areas of suitability and sufficiency, frequency attentuation, medical exemption from PPE and in the event of all other types of PPE being unsuitable we can mould employees ears in order that they can have personalised hearing protection. Custom made noise protection can offer the ultimate protection for your most valuable assets, your staff. You’ll be amazed how competitively priced this protection can be.

As new staff arrive, it’s crucial to have their hearing checked to establish their hearing levels at the start of their contract with you. We recommend hearing checks every two years thereafter. An assessment of the working conditions will need to be made when selecting appropriate attenuation level.

Health & Safety Executive covering legislation

Regulation 5 of the Management of health and Safety at work Regulations 1992 (MHSW Regs)

Occupational audiometry or Hearing Screening, is a screening technique used to detect early damage to hearing resulting from exposure to noise.  Identifying any damage allows appropriate follow up remedial action in the workplace and any necessary medical referral of the individual.  Although screening audiometry may also find changes in hearing due to other causes.  It is not, in itself, a diagnostic technique.

At the beginning of the assessment it is important to obtain the individuals medical history and other exposures to noise. At follow up examinations questions should be asked about the use of hearing protection, any changes in working patterns and noise exposure, and any complaints relating to the ears or hearing.  After performing the hearing assessment any issues arising with an employee are brought to the attention of the company management and a referral service is offered.

A hearing assessment is performed to set a baseline for hearing, this is normally done the first year, then a comparative test should be undertaken in the second year. If these tests don’t flag any problems, your schedule of testing should then fall back to every two-three years dependent upon your requirements. All new starters should be seen immediately and then fall into the process as above. Strict record keeping is maintained to monitor results taken over the given period.  From this information we can recommended good working practises to prevent any further issues.

Noise induced hearing loss causes:

  • Tinnitus—a permanent ringing sound in one or more ears
  • An inability to hear clearly due to missing consonants, especially in background noise
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