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Can’t Hear The TV? This Could Help

There are several solutions for TV listening for people with hearing loss, even without hearing aids

We often hear from people we see that hearing the TV at a normal volume level can be difficult at best. It is a source of real frustration for everyone involved. If the person with hearing loss turns the volume up in an effort to hear better, everyone else in the family finds it far too loud. It may seem like a small thing, but watching TV is a family social situation and it brings people together.

Direct Connection Makes it Easy

New direct connection Bluetooth hearing aids make listening to the TV so much easier. Nearly all of the hearing aid brands have their own TV connector box. You simply connect it to your TV audio out, plug it in and it streams audio directly to your hearing aids in crystal clear stereo.

The new devices mean that you can hear the TV direct in your hearing aids, giving you the optimum clarity. It also means that you can control your own volume while others in the room can listen at the volume that they are most comfortable with.

The new system doesn’t cut you off from the people who are with you, your hearing aids can be set to mix the sound you hear with audio from the TV and your surroundings. That means you get to hear your favourite programmes with ease and comfort while still being able to converse with your family.

No Hearing Aids? Try This

If you are having problems hearing your TV but you don’t wear hearing aids, there are a couple of things you can try. The first thing is to look at the audio set up on your TV. In your sound menu there should be an audio pre-set that is weighted towards clear speech. It can be called many different things but will probably include the word speech.

If your sound menu has a type of graphic equaliser or just bass and treble, lower the bass a bit and higher the treble. In essence, this is what we do with hearing aids, although it is a little more complicated than that. If neither of these strategies help, look around for a good soundbar.

Soundbars & TV Speakers

Most modern flat-screen TVs have the speakers facing backwards, the idea is to gain a bit more sound by bouncing it off the wall. In general, most flat-screen TVs have pretty rubbish speakers one way or the other. A good soundbar facing out towards the room can help direct the sound better, they usually have some pretty good pre-sets for speech clarity as well.

Still Having Problems?

If you are still having problems understanding the TV even with menu changes or a soundbar, it really is time to get a hearing test. Often not being able to hear the TV clearly at normal volume is a clear sign that there is a problem with your hearing.

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