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NHS vs Private Hearing Care

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Do You Know The Difference?

Digital hearing instruments can make a real difference in the quality of life for people that are struggling with their hearing, but choosing whether to get a hearing aid through the NHS, or privately, is a difficult decision.

There are many aspects to consider between NHS and private hearing care and systems; among the most important ones are waiting times, style, technology, continued care and costs.

You can book an appointment to see a hearing specialist for a private hearing test, which consists of a full evaluation of your hearing and ear health, at both our hearing aid centre in Worcester and our Stratford Hearing Centre. You will be shown the inside of your ear on a video otoscope, a pure tone audiogram will be performed to show the hearing thresholds and then a speech in noise test to establish a level of real world effective hearing.

During this consultation the audiologist will explain the difference between NHS or private hearing care and answer all your questions.

Director of Audiology, Tom Dixon says “We offer bespoke hearing solutions for each person that comes into our practice, no two people are the same. Therefore, no two cases of hearing loss are the same. That is why we don’t provide anything off the shelf. The most important part of a patient’s journey to better hearing isn’t just fitting the hearing systems, it is the continued care and support so they can improve and enjoy their life.”

To book your full hearing assessment contact your nearest hearing centre today by using our contact form below or by calling us at 01905 617803 (Worcester) or 01789 264111 (Stratford)


NHS vs Private Hearing Care
NHS vs Private Hearing Care

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