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Essential Tips for Summer Ear Care, Including Hearing Aid Users

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30th Jun 2023

As the summer season brings forth outdoor adventures and warmer weather, prioritising ear care becomes crucial, especially for individuals who wear hearing aids. The combination of increased moisture, exposure to water activities, and higher temperatures can pose unique challenges for maintaining ear health. In this article, we will explore essential tips for caring for your ears during the summer, with a particular focus on those who rely on hearing aids.

Shield Your Ears from Excessive Moisture:

Moisture can lead to ear infections and other complications, particularly for hearing aid users. Protect your ears from excessive moisture during rainy or water-based activities by using hats, headbands, or umbrellas.
Additionally, consider waterproof hearing aids!

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Practice Safe Swimming:

For water activities like swimming or diving, it’s crucial to shield your ears from water entry. Use custom-fit swim moulds or water-specific earplugs to prevent water from entering the ear canal. Avoid diving into shallow water to prevent ear trauma and potential damage to your hearing aids.

Maintain Hearing Aid Hygiene:

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aids are essential for optimal performance, especially in summer. Clean your hearing aids daily with a soft, dry cloth to remove sweat, dirt, or debris. Consider using a hearing aid dryer or dehumidifier overnight to eliminate moisture buildup, reducing the risk of damage.

Protect Your Ears from Loud Noises:

Summer festivities often involve concerts, fireworks, and other loud events. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can be detrimental to your hearing, regardless of wearing hearing aids. Minimise the risk of noise-induced hearing loss by wearing earplugs or protective earmuffs when attending loud events.

Be Mindful of Allergies:

Summer allergies can exacerbate ear-related issues such as itching, inflammation, and excess wax production. Manage allergies by consulting an allergist or using appropriate medications. Avoid inserting objects into your ears to relieve itching, as it can lead to injury or infection.

Schedule a Check-Up with Your Audiologist:

Regular visits to your audiologist are crucial to assess your hearing health and ensure optimal functioning of your hearing aids. Consider scheduling an appointment before the summer season to address concerns or make necessary adjustments to your hearing aids.

Caring for your ears during the summer, especially if you wear hearing aids, requires a proactive approach. Follow these essential tips to protect your ears from excessive moisture, practice safe swimming, maintain hearing aid hygiene, avoid loud noises, manage allergies, and schedule regular check-ups with your audiologist. By prioritising ear health, you can fully enjoy the summer season while preserving your hearing and overall well-being. Visit WS Hearing for comprehensive audiological services and expert guidance.

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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Director of Audiology

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