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The New Audeo Belong Hearing Aid Range From Phonak

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22nd Oct 2016

The big news around the launch of the latest Phonak hearing aids range, the Audeo Belong, was really focused on the innovative and ground breaking Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid option. Probably rightly so because it is such a great step forward for hearing aid technology. However, there is much more to the range than just that, the new Audeo Belong range has much more to offer, let’s take a look at what that is.

What’s new in the Audeo Belong?

The Audeo Belong hearing aid range comes with the new rechargeable option, an upgraded operating system, the latest version of Phonak’s Sound Recover 2 and new and improved microphones and programme button. The Belong is based on the same microchip as the Venture hearing aids, but the new features and upgrades make them an advancement on the venture instruments. Let me explain.

New Autosense OS

The operating system in the Belong range is still called Autosense OS, however, they have improved upon the original with tweaks that make a difference to how it works. Phonak undertakes constant research on how their features work in the real world and they have been doing so with Autosense since it was first introduced.

That research has allowed them to change the parameters on the operating system, which has allowed them to deliver even better speech intelligibility in all of the situations you face. It also has a new way to deal with soft speech which delivers better soft speech intelligibility.

The Phonak Audeo Belong Range
Audeo Belong Range


SoundRecover2 is a feature that moves high frequency sounds in speech like the t and th sound into lower areas of hearing. It works only when needed, for instance if a sound is in an area of hearing where you would have no way of hearing it. While that is a very simple description of what it does, it is quite an accurate one. We sometimes have customers who have high frequency hearing that just does not work any longer or is too damaged to try and amplify for.

In such cases, a normal hearing aid strategy is not what is needed. SoundRecover2 is an excellent feature which allows the user access the sound information they need to understand speech. The new and updated version was first introduced in the new Naida Venture and is adaptive and much better at doing it’s job, early feedback from users is that it makes an amazing difference.

Hardware changes

Phonak have introduced a new style of button on the devices which is easier to use and a new microphone system. The microphone system improves the experience of a user immeasurably, it is exceptionally quiet, let me explain why that might matter. All hearing aids produce a low volume sound that is often described as a hiss.

It is caused more often than not by the microphones. It isn’t particularly loud but some people with good low frequency hearing can still hear it.  While it is not a major issue, it can be an annoyance. The new microphones in the Belong range make it exceptionally quiet.

The Phonak Audeo Belong Hearing Aid Range

The range itself is a full line Audeo offering, so that is a full range of Receiver in Canal devices. That’s five different devices:

Audeo B-10

Very small RIC device using a size 10 battery, it is quite discreet and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. It doesn’t have a telecoil although as always it is a wireless device. It has a button but no volume control.

Audeo B-312

Again a very small RIC device, however, it uses a size 312 battery, it is still very discreet and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. Like the 10, it doesn’t have a telecoil although as always it is a wireless device. It has a button but no volume control.

Audeo B-312T

Slightly bigger than the 312, it is still a small and discrete device RIC which uses a size 312 battery, it can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. Un-like the 10 and the 312, it has a telecoil as well as being a wireless device. It has a button but no volume control.

Audeo B-13

The largest of the Audeo B RIC range, it runs on a size 13 battery and can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses. The 13 comes fully loaded with both a telecoil, programme button and a volume control as well as being a wireless device.

Audeo B-R

The RIC device that all the hype has been about, a rechargeable hearing device running on Lithium-ion power. A solid 24 hours of use  from one three hour charge. It can be used with several receiver variations meaning it can cover a lot of hearing losses down to profound. It is also a wireless device with a programme button but no volume control or telecoil.

The launch of the new Audeo Belong range caught us a little by surprise so closely after the Venture introduction, however, it is a welcome addition to the hearing devices we provide, and not just for it’s rechargeable option. If you have any questions about the hearing devices please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can arrange an appointment for here at our Worcester hearing centre or for our new hearing centre in stratford upon Avon.

If you have any questions about this interesting new technology, or you would like a hearing test or earwax removal in Worcester, give us a call on 01905 617803 or book your hearing test online now.

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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Director of Audiology

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