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World Hearing Day 2022

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3rd Mar 2022

March 3rd is World Hearing Day


With over a billion young people at risk of avoidable hearing loss due to recreational sounds, the focus of the World Hearing Day 2022 is on hearing loss prevention through safe listening.


The theme ‘To hear for life, listen with care’ signifies that to have good hearing across the life course, it is important to take care of one’s ears and listen safely.

It is possible to have good hearing across the life coursethrough ear and hearing care.

Many common causes of hearing loss can be prevented,including that which is caused by exposure to loud sounds.

Practicing safe listening can mitigate the risk of hearing loss associatedwith recreational sound exposure .




Loud sounds damage ears!

Listening to loud sounds damages sensory cells in your ears. This can lead to noise-induced hearing loss or ringing in the ear (tinnitus).


You could be at risk of noise-induced hearing loss if you regularly:

  • work in a noisy place,
  • listen to audio over head/earphones,
  • visit places with amplified music e.g., nightclubs, concerts, or fitness classes.






Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent

Hearing loss due to noise cannot be reversed.

People with hearing loss can benefit from hearing devices and rehabilitation services.






But, noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented!

Safe listening practices can prevent hearing loss. The louder you listen, the shorter the time for listening safely.

By turning the volume down or protecting your ears, you can listen for longer without harming your hearing.





Adopt these simple safe listening behaviors:


  • Keep the volume down

Set your device’s volume level to no more than 60% of maximum.

Use well-fitted, and noise cancelling headphones.


  • Protect your ears from loud sounds

Wear earplugs in noisy places.

Move away from sources of sound, such as loudspeakers.


  • Limit time spent engaged in noisy activities

In a noisy place, take regular breaks in a quiet area.

Limit daily use of personal audio devices.


  • Monitor listening levels

Use apps to monitor your sound exposure.

Choose devices with built-in safe listening features.


This World Hearing Day, RAYOVAC® is sharing stories from our real-life hearing heroes. Five ordinary people living ‘Life Without Limits’, Bethan, Danny, Alfie, Jake and Karen reveal how their hearing aids help them to get more out of life and we celebrate all that is possible with the right hearing solution.

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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Director of Audiology

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