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The top Phonak hearing Aids we offer

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15th Jun 2023

At WS Hearing, we pride ourselves on helping people get back in the conversation and reconnect with the world. We do this with the help of our premium hearing aids. Today, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some of the top Phonak hearing aids we provide.

Read on to find out more about the best Phonak hearing aids we have available at our clinics in Stratford-upon-Avon and Worcester.

The Impact of Phonak Hearing Aids

First, why Phonak?

Phonak are considered to be one of the premium hearing aid manufacturers, and they consistently work to improve their technology. Our customers are very impressed with the benefit that their solutions provide alongside our bespoke hearing care.

Phonak is one of the primary hearing device manufacturers we use because we know that we can trust their quality and reliability. They deliver outstanding solutions for people with all types of hearing loss. They measure their success by the positive impact that their technologies have on people’s ability to communicate in noisy environments.

The top Phonak Hearing Aids of 2023

Phonak Slim

Phonak Slim Premium hearing aid

The Phonak Slim is their most discreet hearing aid yet. This device provides exceptional sound quality while being virtually invisible in the ear canal. Built on the Belong platform, the Phonak Slim delivers rich, clear, and full sound quality, allowing for a much more immersive and comprehensive hearing experience.

For people who value aesthetics and discretion, the Phonak Slim is an unbeatable choice. It is designed to sit invisibly in the ear canal, making it virtually indistinguishable from a natural ear. But don’t let its small size fool you, the Phonak Slim packs impressive technology in its tiny frame.

With automatic adaptation to surroundings, the Phonak Slim allows you to enjoy the finest audio quality, regardless of the noise level in your environment. Its advanced noise cancellation feature eliminates background noise to ensure clear communication, whether you are in a crowded restaurant or at a busy workplace.

Phonak Audeo Lumity

The Phonak Audeo Lumity is a rechargeable hearing aid that takes advantage of the advanced sound processing capabilities of the Marvel platform. The primary feature of the Lumity is its SoundSense Adapt technology, which uses artificial intelligence to adapt to changing environments in real time.

Phonak Audéo Life™ Lumity is the second generation of the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid. Ideal hearing solution for anyone who has an active lifestyle and puts their hearing aids to the test.

Not only does this device offer remarkable sound quality, but it also excels at speech clarity, especially in noisy environments. With the AutoSense OS, the Lumity automatically adjusts its settings based on the soundscapes you are in, allowing for a seamless listening experience.

Moreover, the Audeo Lumity offers a suite of connectivity features. With built-in Bluetooth, it allows for direct streaming from iOS, Android, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can enjoy phone calls, music, and TV shows directly through your hearing aid, bringing clarity and richness to your audio experiences.

Phonak Audeo Paradise

Audeo Paradise is the flagship model of Phonak, offering unrivalled sound quality, universal connectivity, and personalised digital solutions. Built on the PRISM sound processing platform, it provides an immersive sound experience with dynamic features.

With Crisp Natural Sound, Paradise allows users to enjoy the subtleties of sound in all their glory. Whether it’s the crunch of leaves underfoot, the pitter-patter of rain on the window, or the soft murmur of loved ones, the Paradise helps users truly revel in the richness of sound.

Its unique Speech Enhancer technology boosts speech understanding by amplifying soft-level speech sounds in a quiet environment. Plus, with the Personalized Noise Cancelling feature, you can adjust the noise cancellation to your preference, ensuring you have the most comfortable and clear listening experience.

Furthermore, the Audeo Paradise supports seamless connection with virtually all Bluetooth-enabled devices, and with the myPhonak app, you can personalise your hearing preferences and access real-time hearing aid adjustment.

Why WS Hearing?

Understanding that every person’s hearing needs are unique, our team of experienced audiologists is always on hand to guide you in choosing the most suitable device for you. We provide comprehensive hearing tests and personalised fittings to ensure your Phonak hearing aid offers the best possible hearing experience.

We understand that private hearing care can be considered expensive, but the on-going service required to keep your ears maintained and devices programmed efficiently can’t always be appreciated until it is required.

Our bespoke patient care plans are tailored to your needs and include the most suitable technology for you. Delivering you everything you need to benefit from your hearing aids, that would likely cost up to £510 per year if you purchased hearing aids from other providers.

Whether you value discretion, connectivity, or high sound quality, we offer Phonak hearing aids to cater to all your needs. Get in touch today to book your consultation, and experience the difference for yourself.

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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Director of Audiology

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