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Open Day Success: Many Tinnitus Discussions Took Place

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The Worcester Hearing Centre opened its doors specifically to people that are troubled with tinnitus last week. Centre manager, Thomas Dixon, Senior Audiologist Victoria Dixon and Trevor Bridge from Starkey Laboratories spent two days talking to their visitors about the various options on how to help them manage their tinnitus much better. Many are making further visits to the centre to take their course of treatment further.

Tom Dixon said, “It was wonderful to see so many people relieved and reassured that something could be done for them, a lot of people come to see me saying they have been told they have to learn to live with their tinnitus, which in itself can be very frustrating, now there will be more positive help available to these people.”.

Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist Victoria Dixon is pleased to announce that they will be able to offer their clients the new Starkey Hearing Technologies Tinnitus Multiflex hearing aid and Tinnitus management instruments. Victoria said “the new products will enable us to give a more effective treatment to clients that are troubled by the noise of their tinnitus”.

Being able to use the latest technology will create a customized and comforting sound stimulus that can be fine-tuned to sooth the unique irritating sounds that are often heard, by masking or covering over the tinnitus. In turn, this will often reduce the loudness of the tinnitus and take the sufferers mind off it so they can enjoy their life. There is a unique SoundPoint system that enables the client to actively take part in customizing the masking sound the instruments play, giving them control over how the instruments works for a truly personalised system. Tinnitus is often a side effect of a person’s hearing deteriorating over time, thus hearing loss and tinnitus frequently need joint attention. Our new technology actually does that in a very effective way.

During the two open days, a prize draw was one of the highlights for all the visitors. Nancy and Roy Dyson, from Worcester, had their names drawn first out of the box and they won a meal for two at the Olive Branch Restaurant in Worcester. Tea and cakes were served all day to the visitors, many of whom took the opportunity of seeing first hand some of the new technology that the Worcester Hearing Centre has had to offer, demonstrated by Trevor Bridge of Starkey Laboratories.

Along with new technology, Worcester Hearing Centre is hoping to set up a Tinnitus self-help group, and offer a counselling service run by an expert in cognitive behavioural therapy. This will sit side by side with the new Tinnitus devices that are now available.
Victoria concluded by saying:

“We had a wonderful two days and hope that we can help many people currently and in the future manage their tinnitus now this new technology is available. Protecting your hearing is another course of action to stop tinnitus being triggered by loud noises, and we now have a noise protection expert in the centre who is on hand to give advice”.

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