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Small and Discreet Digital Hearing Aid Technology

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Worcester Hearing Centre is pleased to announce that they are able to offer their clients one of the latest hearing systems on the market. There is frequently a stigma attached to wearing hearing aids that can be seen. Victoria Dixon senior audiologist at the Worcester Hearing Centre said “many clients take a long time to admit their hearing is not as good as it use to be, and coupled with the fact if they have to wear a hearing system that is readily seen, they often will not seek help in solving their hearing problems. They will often avoid social situations because they can’t hear very well.”

Modern technology has brought about a number of hearing aid laboratories producing very small and very discreet hearing systems, and at the Worcester hearing Centre they are able to give advice and demonstrate the latest instruments available. Tom Dixon, centre manager, added “with a product like the Starkey Laboratories Soundlens, people can have the best of both worlds, small, discreet, the latest technology in an instrument that is specifically made for the client and its designed to be removed at the end of the day to promote good ear health”

Discreet hearing aids offer the client, nanotechnology that can virtually eliminate several of the most troublesome characteristics of older hearing instruments, like feedback, (whistling) while automatic listening environment adjustments aid listening to speech in noise. Tom said that he is often asked for instruments that ‘no-one’ can see, and he is very happy to recommend this new level of instrument that enables him to customize the hearing instruments to each person’s unique listening needs to give a more realistic and natural listening experience. It has to be pointed out that the size of a person’s ear canal often will dictate whether a deep fitting instrument is suitable and impressions have to be taken in many cases so the canal can be measured properly, and all the audiologists at the Worcester Hearing Centre have undertaken special training to take these impressions under the guidance of senior audiologist Victoria Dixon.

One final comment from Victoria was: “over the last 20 years clients have been concerned about the effects a hearing system will have on their appearance but it’s worth remembering that others will be far less aware of the instruments than the person wearing them”

Worcester Hearing Centre, 5 The Cornmarket, Worcester, is open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm for an appointment or to consult and audiologist about the best and most suitable hearing system for you please call 01905 617803.

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